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Grounds Maintenance Worker
Institution: Antelope Valley College
Location: California, United States
Category: Admin - Groundskeeping
Posted: 04/22/2020
Application Due: 00/00/0000
Type: Part Time

POSITION: Grounds Maintenance Worker

(Establish a Pool for department needs; Pool valid for 6 months)

SALARY: Level 1: $17.75/hour

Level 2: $18.50/hour

DEADLINE: Continuous

(Applications reviewed on an as received basis and hired as needed)

START DATE: To establish ongoing pool

ASSIGNMENT: Work schedule may vary based on hours of operation.

Hours not to exceed 25 hours a week and/or 100 hours per month.

Total hours may not exceed 999 in a year. Total days may not exceed 100 in a year.

(Days are counted regardless of # of hours worked per day)


 Plant, maintain and mow lawns; top, trim and prune shrubs, hedges and trees; edge lawns and borders; weed whipping, rake

leaves and hoe and remove weeds. (E)

 Prepare and fertilize soil and plant lawns, trees, shrubs, hedges and flowers; apply top dressing to athletic fields; cut and lay sod

and perform trenching as needed. (E)

 Assist in sprinkler install, maintain and repair sprinkler systems; dig trenches, lay pipe and install valves, perform wiring on

electrically-controlled valves, repair and replace pop-up and gear-driven heads; inspect sprinkler system to assure proper and

efficient operation. (E)

 Water landscaped area including lawns, shrubs and trees using sprinkler systems and hand watering. (E)

 Operate powered parking lot sweeper to sweep and maintain parking lots; sweep fire lanes and roadways; repair and replace car

stops as necessary; assist in placing and removing traffic signs. (E)

 Complete and maintain work orders and records related to work performed; maintain records of fertilizers, pesticides and

herbicides used; submit to supervisor according to established procedures. (E)

 Drive a District vehicle to pick up and deliver maintenance supplies and materials; load trucks with trimmings and trash; transport

sand, dirt, sawdust and straw; unload and distribute as assigned or according to established procedures. (E)

 Remove paper trash, empty campus trash cans, and remove other debris from grounds; sweep and blow walkways, driveways and

parking areas; remove debris from roofs, gutters and pipes as necessary. (E)

 Operate and maintain a variety of grounds maintenance equipment and machinery including trucks, tractor, skip loader,

jackhammer, forklift, sweeper, riding and push mowers, edgers, shears, blowers, mulchers, chain saws, aerator, sprayers, loaders

and weed eaters; maintain tools and equipment in proper working order. (E)

 Participate in the renovation, preparation, dragging, lining and maintenance of athletic fields, ball diamonds, running tracks and

related facilities.

 Assists in a variety of maintenance work such as mixing and pouring asphalt and cement, filling holes with sand and soil and

performing minor fencing repairs; place barricades for hazardous conditions.

 Assist other maintenance and custodial personnel as assigned.

 Performs other related duties as may be assigned.


 Level 1 ($17.75 per hour): Any combination equivalent to: graduation from high school plus one year of grounds maintenance,

landscaping and/or irrigation experience; one year of accredited classroom education or training in horticulture may be substituted

for one year of occupational experience.

 Level 2 ($18.50 per hour): Any combination equivalent to: Graduation from high school and two years of grounds maintenance,

landscaping, and/or irrigation experience; one year of accredited classroom education or training in horticulture may be substituted

for one year of occupational experience.

Grounds Mt. Worker

DL: Continuous


 Valid California driver's license.

 Incumbents must qualify for a valid forklift certificate within first 90 days of employment in this classification.


 Methods, equipment and materials used in a variety of grounds maintenance, such as irrigation system installation, maintenance

and repair, and general grounds maintenance.

 Mowing, edging and other basic grounds maintenance procedures.

 General health and safety procedures related to grounds maintenance.

 Requirements of maintaining school grounds in a safe, clean, and orderly condition.

 Basic recordkeeping related to work performed.


 Perform a variety of grounds maintenance duties, such as irrigation system maintenance and repair general grounds maintenance

including mowing, edging, raking, trimming and weeding.

 Maintain and repair sprinkler systems.

 Use assigned or recommended methods for the control and eradication of pests, insects and weeds.

 Operate and maintain a variety of grounds maintenance machines, equipment and power and hand tools.

 Comply with appropriate safety precautions and procedures.

 Understand and follow oral and written instructions.

 Work cooperatively with others.

 Maintain routine records.

 Observe legal and defensive driving practices.

WORK DIRECTION, LEAD AND SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: Not applicable – no permanent full-time staff to supervise.

CONTACTS: Co-workers, other departmental staff, supervisors, faculty, and student workers.


 Dexterity of hands and fingers to operate various tools and equipment in the grounds maintenance trade.

 Bending at the waist, kneeling, crouching, sitting, lifting 50 to 100 pounds.

 Walking and standing for extended periods of time.

 Operate manual and power tools.


 Outdoor environment.

 Driving a vehicle to conduct work.

 Seasonal heat and cold and adverse weather conditions.

 Pollen.

 Indoor and outdoor environment.

 Exposure to pesticides and a variety of other chemicals.

 Working around and with machinery having moving parts.

Annual Security Report is provided by Antelope Valley College for prospective students and employees. A copy of this report is available


Grounds Mt. Worker

DL: Continuous


To be considered an applicant for a temporary short-term non-continuing pool assignment in the Antelope Valley

Community College District, all of the following documents must be submitted by the deadline date.

If any of the listed materials are missing or incomplete, the application will not be considered.

1. A completed and signed Antelope Valley College Temporary Short-Term Employment Application

2. Résumé

3. Additional Materials: You may be eligible to apply one year of accredited classroom education or training in horticulture

may be substituted for one year of occupational experience.

a. Transcripts (College coursework): If applying for the position and seeking credit for education to

be applied towards part of experience requirement; please submit ALL transcripts for college-level

course work for evaluation.

b. *Note: Any degree from a country other than the U.S., including Great Britain and Canada, must be evaluated by a

professional evaluation service. For more information, please go to

The application must be filled out completely and signed. Do not indicate “See Résumé” on any part of the application.

Blank spaces, illegible entries or failure to sign the application may be cause for rejection. The District will not return

application materials submitted.

Application forms are available on the AVC web site or from the Human Resources Office. Submit application packet to:

Office of Human Resources

3041 West Avenue K

Lancaster CA 93536

(661) 722-6311

Office hours: Monday-Thursday (7:30 am – 6:00 pm)

Friday (7:30 am – 11:30 am)

Voice/Relay, (661) 722-6300 ext. 6360

Faxed or emailed materials cannot be accepted.

Unsolicited materials will not be included. Postmarks will not be accepted.

Candidates selected for employment will be required to provide verification of work authorization pursuant to INS regulations.

Antelope Valley College prohibits discrimination and harassment based on race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical

disability, mental disability, medical condition, marital status, sex, age, or sexual orientation.

Upon request, we will consider reasonable accommodations to permit individuals with protected disabilities to (a) complete the

employment or admission process, (b) perform essential job functions, (c) enjoy benefits and privileges of similarly-situated individuals

without disabilities, and (d) participate in instruction, programs, services, activities, or events.

AVC is an equal opportunity employee

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