Employer Frequently Asked Questions
What is Online Video Recruiting and Online Video Advertising?

academicjobs.net is the first higher education employment website to help employers reach prospective employees with a wide range of online video products. Online videos are 1- to 5-minute online commercial video advertisements. They play like commercials on broadcast television, except they are viewed on a computer screen. Online videos on academicjobs.net cost employers thousands of dollars less than it does to run a traditional 60-second television ad. In many ways online videos are a better form of advertising because they are targeted in ways that few - if any - television commercials can match. Your online video will be a precise message that will connect with thousands of the people you want to reach most - job seekers who want to work at colleges and universities.

Why should we choose online video recruiting and advertising tools over the ads we have always used?
When it comes to recruiting the best workforce to your campus, video recruiting is a powerful, memorable, and easy way to tell job candidates why your school is a great place to work. Today's higher education job seekers are more computer-savvy and technically skilled than 10 years ago. Also the ability to deliver high-quality video online is extraordinary now compared to just five years ago. With AcademicJobs your campus will have a wide selection of video options including our exclusive Video Institutional Profiles (VIPs) that allow job seekers to view your video year-round on our site even if your college has no jobs listed. Colleges and universities with online video will enjoy recruiting advantages over their competitors who lack a video recruiting and advertising strategy.
Will academicjobs.net visitors click and view our videos?
Yes. Research shows that online video usage is growing rapidly among job seekers and internet users in general. According to ComScore, an Internet usage research firm, online users in the U.S. watched 12.7 billion online videos in 2008, an increase of 34 percent from the previous year. The data also shows that 77 percent of all U.S. Internet users had viewed online videos in 2008, and that the average computer user annually watched an average of about 273 minutes of online video at home and at work. In a more recent study, Nielsen - which tracks television and online video usage - found that online video viewing in 2009 is up 53 percent from 2008.

The job seekers in academe that you want to hire most are eager to learn about your institution. And video is the new and attractive way to reach them. Until academicjobs.net launched this year, higher education job seekers could not view recruitment videos on any other higher education employment site. But now thousands of job seekers will be able to view high-quality video showcasing your school every day of the year on academicjobs.net.
What is an Employer Print Profile?

On academicjobs.net colleges and universities can also have a print profile. Print profiles include unlimited text, photos of your campus, and links to key departments and programs at your institution. Like our Video Institutional Profiles, your print profile stays on academicjobs.net for one year and is always viewable even when your institution does not have jobs listed.

What is the AcademicJobs Video Showcase?

Our Video Showcase gives employers a chance to be featured on the front page of academicjobs.net in a prime promotional position. With the Video Showcase, job seekers first see a color photo above a three-line caption on the academicjobs.net front page. When they click on the photo, they are taken to a full-page ad that is dedicated to your institution. That page has a video monitor, which plays your video. The page also has 10 links to departments and programs on your campus. Ten color photos of your institution are also included on this page, along with an interactive Google map, and additional links to your campus career development center and human resources department. Job seekers who see your Video Showcase will have an immediate, positive, and informative first impression of your school before they see the profiles of other employers.

What is a Video Premium Position ad?
If you have a high-profile leadership position you need to fill, our Video Premium Position advertising is the way to get the most impact for your advertising dollars. Your ad will appear on our largest ad spaces - on the right side of our front page - and it will be rotated on to all pages of our site. When the ad is clicked, it opens to a full page describing your school and the position you want to fill. A large video screen is also on the page to play your selected video. For example if your school is looking for a new dean of mathematics, your video can feature a star faculty member who is doing the kind of research and teaching that will attract top professors to your campus.
Our college has videos we want to showcase on academicjobs.net. How do we upload our videos to your website?
It is very easy. Our team of AcademicJobs video specialists are friendly, seasoned professionals and they here to help you any time. Normally your video can be uploaded and showing on our site within 15 minutes. Please email our video support team at admin@academicjobs.net or call them at 404-915-7300.
Will I be able to see a report detailing how many times my video ads or Video Institutional Profile are viewed?
Yes. We will email you updates and statistics showing how often your video was viewed.
How do you promote academicjobs.net and attract visitors to your site?
1. We use several services to make sure that academicjobs.net has a strong presence on popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and others.

2. academicjobs.net advertises in newspapers, magazines and on websites that server higher education job seekers and the higher education community in general.

3. Our team members travel to higher education conferences and organizational meetings around the U.S. including the annual gatherings of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO), the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) and the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR). We believe that to serve the higher education community well, we have to be an active participant that is engaged and informed about the issues that job seekers and employers are facing everyday. So if you are attending an upcoming conference, you will probably have an opportunity to meet a representative from academicjobs.net there.

4. academicjobs.net is well established around the Internet on various social media networks like Linkedin, and Twitter. For example, our account on Twitter is very popular and is one of the fastest-growing higher education accounts on Twitter. AcademicJobs currently has more than a thousand followers on Twitter. Our followers include Ivy League universities, college presidents, elite private colleges, community colleges, large state universities, university human resources departments, and job seekers from around the world.
Briefly, what can you tell me about the mission of academicjobs.net?
academicjobs.net is a global online resource that connects job seekers and employers to fill job vacancies at institutions of higher learning. Through our unique and innovative website, academicjobs.net aims to lead and modernize the way higher education job seekers and employers find and learn about each other online. For colleges and universities worldwide academicjobs.net is the ideal resource and business partner for using high-impact advertising to achieve maximum marketing results. For job seekers academicjobs.net is a must-use resource for staying abreast of job-related news and trends and for finding the best jobs in academe.
What experience does the academicjobs.net team have that qualifies you to be a leader among higher education employment companies?

While the academicjobs.net website is new, the team behind it are not newcomers to academe. The academicjobs.net team consists of award-winning professionals who have served at various levels of academic and corporate employment. With more than 70 years of combined experience, our areas of expertise include higher education administration, academic human resources, university career counseling and advising, and higher education-related journalism.

How has academicjobs.net been able to establish itself as a leader in video recruiting and video advertising?
We did quite a bit of research before launching academicjobs.net. We wanted to offer all the things that other sites offered like unlimited job posting, cost-effective job bundles, and emailed job alerts, but we also thought it was important to offer much more. We talked to human resources officials throughout academe and we talked to higher education recruiters in several states. We chatted with job seekers and we talked to many people who were already using existing higher education job sites. From these conversations we gathered that many needs were not being met. There was a consistent theme among nearly everyone we talked to: they felt that existing higher education job sites could and should be doing more to serve employers and job seekers better. We also learned that there is strong interest in video recruiting and video advertising. From there, we began building a comprehensive job site and higher education's first to provide a wide range of video and recruiting tools to help employers recruit better. Our goal is to be the best at providing video solutions today and to remain the industry's leader in this area in the future.
What types of colleges, universities, and businesses does academicjobs.net serve?
AcademicJobs aims to be a leading professional resource for job seekers and employers around the world. Job seekers will know us as the ideal place to look for fantastic jobs in higher education. Recruiters will know that if they want to find and hire the best applicants, they can find their next star hire on academicjobs.net.

Quality customer service and strong business partnerships are keys to our long-term strategy and growth. We are prepared to serve large state universities, elite private colleges, community colleges, technical colleges, historically black colleges and universities, Ivy League universities, and international colleges and universities. Also, K-12 organizations, distance learning institutions, and national higher education associations will find academicjobs.net to be helpful and essential to their advertising and marketing efforts.


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