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Vice President, Academic Affairs

Gavilan College

Job Description


Vice President, Academic Affairs

Posting Closing Date: Monday, April 17, 2023

Full-Time 12-month Position (1.0 FTE)
40 hours per week plus benefits

Salary Range: Management Salary Schedule, Track 9
(Currently: $163, 943.92 - $213, 423.38)


About Gavilan:
Located in the heart of California between San Jose and Monterey, Gavilan College’s main campus in Gilroy
serves a diverse student population in a beautiful, park-like setting. In addition, we have campus centers
located in Hollister, San Martin, and South San Jose, which offer students a variety of courses and programs.
Our community recently voted to pass Measure X, a bond to renovate the main campus and build a full-
service campus in Hollister. Gavilan is proud to meet the needs of our growing community, offering high-
quality education in more than 70 transfer-related fields and over 30 industry-relevant career pathways; in
2020-21, we awarded more than 600 Associate Degrees and 797 career education certificates.

Gavilan College, a Hispanic Serving Institution with a 58% Latinx student population, is committed to
achieving educational equity for all students. We work to provide students with a rich and relevant learning
experience that emphasizes student engagement in and out of the classroom, encouraging students of all ethnic
and socioeconomic backgrounds to realize their goals and become socially responsible leaders. When you join
our team at Gavilan College, you will become part of an innovative and equity-focused community that
approaches higher education as a matter of social justice requiring broad collaboration among faculty, staff,
administration, students, and community partners.

Gavilan College fosters justice, equity, diversity and inclusion through its Principles of Community. As a
member of the Gavilan College community, you will join us in valuing the worth and dignity of every person,
the pursuit of truth, devotion to excellence, and the principles of democratic citizenship. All Gavilan
employees strive to maintain these ideals in an environment of inclusiveness and mutual respect. We live
these shared Principles of Community and work collaboratively to serve as a model of an exemplary, student-
centered community-serving college.

Ideal Candidate:
Gavilan College is committed to recruiting individuals that embody our Principles of Community by:

  • actively demonstrating a commitment to embracing and celebrating diversity;
  • committing to collaboration, effective communication and the development of strong working
  • promoting purposeful inclusion of all groups and the free exchange of ideas in a respectful, trusting
and considerate environment; and
  • demonstrating commitment to a college which prioritizes equity in resource allocation.


The ideal candidate for this position is an equity-minded individual who understands the importance of
holding ourselves accountable for closing equity gaps and engaging in equitable practices. Gavilan strives to
attract candidates who view the elimination of inequities as an individual and collective responsibility and
who are able to reframe inequities as a problem of practice. In addition, they are able to demonstrate a
commitment to student-centered practices, effective cross-disciplinary and cross campus collaboration,
transparent decision-making, and purposeful service to the community. The ideal candidate will understand
the importance of and embrace shared governance in all levels of decision-making at the college.

The ideal candidate for this position is a culturally competent leader with demonstrated experience in
managing academic affairs at an educational institution with various programs, resources, activities, and
locations. Must have demonstrated experience leading enrollment management efforts to ensure funding and
resources are utilized efficiently to develop a class schedule that meets the needs of students and aligns with
the state’s Student-Centered Funding Formula (SCFF). The ideal candidate must understand the complexity
and competing priorities of a medium size community college and our commitment to student success, equity,
and inclusion. Must have experience promoting cultural competency across the curriculum and leading
cultural and ethnic diversity in staffing, programs, and services. Must have a high level of organizational
responsiveness and communication to understand the needs of staff and students and embraces shared
governance at all levels of decision-making at the college.

The Position:
Are you interested in creating an exceptional educational environment for students who are part of a dynamic,
inclusive community? If you see yourself as a professional who empowers students of diverse backgrounds to
reach their potential through innovative, structural change, we invite you to apply for the Vice President,
Academic Affairs position. At Gavilan College, we welcome your commitment to fostering a learning
environment where resources are devoted to developing opportunities for students to break barriers and thrive
as scholars and community members.

Under direction of the Superintendent/President plan, organize, coordinate, develop, direct, administer and
evaluate instructional programs, services, resources, and activities for students; provide leadership and
direction to academic and classified staff in areas of the curriculum, curricular activities, accreditation,
enrollment management, learning resources and vocational education; train, supervise and evaluate the
performance of administrative and support staff assigned to instruction.

This is an academic management position at a comprehensive community college district, reporting directly to
the Superintendent/President. The incumbent must have broad experience in managing academic affairs at an
educational institution with a wide variety of programs, resources, activities, and facilities. The Vice President
of Academic affairs provides leadership for academic and classified staff involved in the delivery and
administration of a comprehensive instructional program. The incumbent works closely with the
Superintendent/President to facilitate achievement of goals and objectives consistent with the district's mission
and goals, and formulates, develops, and implements instructional programs and services, policies, standards
and activities in compliance with a variety of federal, State, local laws, regulations, policies and procedures,
and Board of Trustees approved policies.

Essential Duties: The following duties are typical of those performed by employees in this job title; however,
employees may perform other related duties, and not all duties listed are necessarily performed by each
employee in the job title.

  • Provide direction and leadership to all academic and classified staff assigned to instructional

programs, functions and activities; formulate, develop, implement and review a broad variety of
policies, standards and outcomes to assure that students are afforded optimum curricular alternatives
and supportive services while pursuing academic and vocational fields of study.

  • Serve as a member of the Superintendent/President's leadership team and participate in establishing
and achieving institutional goals in accordance with the district’s educational master plan; direct the
development of short- and long-range plans for all academic affairs in coordination with the
leadership of other district entities.


  • Promote cultural competency across the curriculum and provide leadership and direction in the
development, implementation, interpretation and evaluation of the district curriculum and curricular
activities to assure that current, balanced, and innovative instructional programs, activities and
opportunities are available for students in a wide variety of fields of endeavor.
  • Lead the district’s enrollment management efforts to ensure funding and resources are utilized
efficiently to develop a class schedule that meets the needs of students and aligns with the state’s
Student-Centered Funding Formula (SCFF).
  • Create a work environment that is inclusive and values the diverse backgrounds of all employees
with authentic efforts to create a more just and equitable institution.
  • Utilize data to make quality instructional decisions to increase institutional effectiveness and provide
opportunities for faculty engagement in a variety of learning environments.
  • Serve as the Accreditation Liaison Officer and provide overall leadership for the College’s
accreditation efforts.
  • Responsible for fostering and maintaining a supportive environment characterized by trust and
respect for the dignity and creative potential of the individual.
  • Utilize the participatory governance processes to involve all constituent groups in goal setting,
problem-solving, and decision-reaching to develop attitudes of partnership and shared responsibility;
  • Lead and direct systematic processes for evaluating new and continuing courses and curricula; assess
needs for programs and services and facilitate development and implementation; provide
comprehensive reports to the Superintendent/President and other district administrators regarding the
academic affairs.
  • In a quality and service-oriented environment, supervise and evaluate the performance of academic
personnel including department chairs and classified support staff; develop, implement and review
expectations for performance and standards of excellence consistent with established district goals
and objectives.
  • Plan and direct effective instructional programming including room utilization, instructor load,
student enrollment, retention, and completion. Direct and monitor preparation and publication of the
district’s schedule of classes; review and approve instructor assignments as well as the use and
assignment of classrooms, laboratories and other instructional facilities.
  • Confer with district administrators and others regarding management issues involving academic
affairs and programs of the district including recommendations for new or revised policies and
procedures; assure that all areas of the instructional program interface effectively and are
appropriately integrated with student services programs.
  • Work closely with academic staff in regard to developing, modifying and enhancing instructional and
supportive services for students including distance education and learning resources; expand and
provide academic and vocational programs to meet the diverse needs of community college students
including new, transfer, re-entry and high school advanced placement students.
  • Develop, analyze and prepare annual budgets for the district’s instructional program; prepare and
submit recommendations and justifications as requested for specific requests; recommend and
oversee hiring of academic personnel; evaluate instructional equipment and facilities and recommend
improvements, enhancements and the purchase of new equipment and materials as appropriate.
  • Represent the district to local, State and federal governmental bodies and agencies involved in
creating, developing, modifying and evaluating instructional programs and services for community
college students; represent the district to the community including other educational institutions,
business interests and service organizations.
  • Assure compliance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and restrictions related to instructional
programs, services and activities; assure that the highest legal and ethical standards are maintained
and clearly communicated to subordinate personnel.
  • Review and evaluate effectiveness of key personnel, programs and services; assure development and
implementation of supplemental programs and services which are efficient, effective and responsive

to the needs of the community and district; recommend operational changes and improvements as


  • Provide leadership, mentoring, appropriate delegation, and professional development to the Deans,
Directors, and department chairs. Support and foster professional growth and development of faculty,
administrators, and professional support staff. Direct staff development functions to assure faculty
understanding of curriculum standards and requirements and instructional strategies and related
materials; coordinate and direct the development, implementation, and conducting of training
sessions to facilitate and enhance faculty and support staff understanding of related principles,
standards, guidelines, requirements, practices, procedures, and techniques.
  • Direct and participate in the efforts and activities of assigned committees, task forces and work
groups; delegate responsibility to subordinates for representing the district’s interests in the local
community and at State or national meetings; review and evaluate information, factual summaries
and recommendations from work groups and team leaders.
  • Review reports related to the financial resources of assigned programs and services; assure that
human and financial resources are allocated efficiently and effectively; direct the timely and accurate
preparation of records, reports, summaries and projections of data related to academic affairs,
funding and implementation of short- and long-range plans.
  • Select, assign, orient, train, supervise, advise, discipline and annually evaluate the performance of
direct subordinates; delegate the responsibility for supervision of indirect subordinates to subordinate
supervisors to assure efficient and effective performance; develop expectations for performance and
standards of excellence.
  • May be assigned to lead or participate in district committees, initiatives, teams or ad hoc groups;
responsible and accountable for completion of assigned tasks when assigned to such a group; when
chairing such a group, evaluate the performance of committee members and forward input to
members' supervisors for consideration during the performance evaluation process.
  • Perform related duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications Education and Experience: Any combination of training and experience
equivalent to:

Education and Experience:

  • A Master's degree and at least five years of increasingly responsible experience in managing
instructional programs at an institution of higher education, including three years of instructional


  • Principles, theories and practices of administration specifically related to the academic affairs available at
institutions of higher education
  • Modern pedagogical and instructional design methodologies
  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive district instructional program
  • Enrollment management principles related to class scheduling efficiencies and productivity.
  • The Student Attendance Accounting Manual (SAAM) and Title 5 Education Code, and other statutes in

the area of course scheduling, contact hours computation, and attendance accounting procedures and
reporting for apportionment purposes.

  • Remote instruction, HyFlex, and other innovative blended learning course scheduling modalities to
improve student access to high-quality and equitable learning.
  • Accreditation processes, standards, policies, and eligibility requirements
  • Best practices in teaching and learning for achieving student success and completion
  • Current technology and its application to teaching and learning
  • The development, implementation, and assessment of student learning and/or service area outcomes.
  • Educational policy development, Goals and objectives of the district’s educational master plan and the
strategic plan
  • Matriculation requirements and articulation agreements
  • Instructional programs and services for students including academic and vocational curriculum, principles

and practices of leadership, management and supervision


  • Curriculum standards, requirements, interpretation, application, development, and implementation in
instructional divisions, departments, programs, and services.
  • State Education Code sections, federal laws and regulations, and district policies related to the
development and implementation of the instructional program
  • Local, State and federal laws governing a community college district
  • District organization, operations and objectives
  • Budget preparation, implementation and administration for a multi-faceted instructional program
  • Current and innovative trends in academic, vocational, community and contract education, including non-
traditional methods of instruction
  • Needs, interests and concerns of various groups of community college students
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills including tact, patience and diplomacy
  • Collective bargaining contract negotiation and administration

Skills and Abilities:

  • Provide leadership and direction to district administrators, academic and classified staff in developing,
implementing and evaluating instructional programs, services, resources and activities for students at an
assigned community college. Plan, organize, direct, administer, review and evaluate the district’s
academic affairs programs, resources and activities
  • Work as an executive team member dedicated to the collaborative goal of integrating instruction and
student support services to create and maintain a supportive and effective teaching and learning
  • Work collaboratively to Establish and grow College and Career Access Pathways (CCAP) dual
enrollment academic/instructional programs, jail education programs, non-credit and community
  • Direct the development and implementation of current, balanced and innovative curricula and curricular
  • Provide leadership and direction to academic staff and support personnel; assigned to vocational,
community and traditional educational programs.
  • Select, assign, orient, train, supervise, counsel, discipline and evaluate the performance of direct
  • If chairing a committee, evaluate the performance of committee members and forward input to members'
supervisors for consideration during the performance evaluation process
  • Analyze complex financial, statistical and narrative data regarding instructional programs and prepare
comprehensive narrative and statistical reports.
  • Assure proper and timely resolution of instructional programs and related student, staff, faculty,
administrative, program and service issues, complaints, problems, and conflicts.
  • Maintain current knowledge of innovative programs and non-traditional approaches to education in
relation to the instructional needs of the larger community
  • Assure compliance with local, State and federal laws related to community college instruction
  • Direct the effective interface and integration of academic affairs and programs including transfer
requirements and articulation agreements
  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing
  • Create and maintain a high level of employee morale to achieve consensus while demonstrating an

understanding of and sensitivity to the diverse academic, socioeconomic, ethnic, cultural, disability,
sexual orientation, and religious backgrounds of community college students.

  • Establish and maintain effective and cooperative working relationships with others
  • Analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action.
  • Work independently with little direction.
  • Plan and organize work and meet schedules and timelines.
  • Direct the maintenance of a variety of reports, records, and files related to assigned activities.



Other Requirements:
A valid California driver's license.

Working Conditions:
Duties are primarily performed in an office environment at a desk or at a computer terminal or in meetings.
Incumbents are subject to frequent contact in person and on the telephone with executive and management
personnel, academic and classified staff, the Board of Trustees, community leaders and the general public.
Frequently must travel to other offices or locations to attend meetings and conduct work.

Physical Characteristics:

Typically, must sit for long periods, use hands and fingers to operate a computer keyboard, see clearly
to read normal and fine print, speak clearly and distinctly to provide information in person or on the
telephone, hear and understand voices over telephone and in person, and regularly lift, carry and/or
move office objects.

The physical characteristics described here are representative of those that must be met by employees to
successfully perform the essential functions of this class. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable
individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Application Process:
To be considered for this excellent opportunity the following items are required to be received by the CCC
Registry no later than 5:00pm on Monday, April 17, 2023 on the CCC Registry website:

1. CCC Registry online application (all sections are required to be completed, Education, Employment

History, Professional References, General Information, and Diversity Statement). Apply at
www.cccregistry.org *

2. Cover letter detailing how you meet the characteristics specified in the ideal candidate section of the job
announcement (2-pages maximum)*

3. Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae or Resume*
4. Unofficial transcripts* (official transcripts will be required if hired for the position)

  • Denotes application materials that are required for full consideration.

As an equal opportunity employer, we are required to compile summary data on applicants. We are requesting
your assistance in providing the information on the personal and ethnicity section of your CCC Registry
profile. The completion of the questionnaire is voluntary. The form will remain in the Human Resources
department and will be kept confidential and separate from all hiring documents. It will not be forwarded to
those making employment decisions.

If you have questions related to the CCC Registry or technical aspects regarding submitting application
materials on the CCC Registry website, please contact the CCC Registry directly at registry@yosemite.edu or
call (800)245-4157.

Please make sure to contact the CCC Registry at (800)245-4157 AFTER you have applied for this job to
verbally confirm that your application materials were submitted correctly and that your application is included
in this recruitment.

If you have a verifiable disability and require accommodation to complete the application process, please
contact the Human Resources Office at (408) 852-2823.

Please be aware, the District does not reimburse for expenses related to the recruitment process.




G avilan Joint Community College District is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to nondiscrimination on the
basis of ethnic group identification, race, color, language, accent, immigration status, ancestry, national origin, age,
gender, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, transgender, marital status, veteran status, medical condition,
physical or mental disability and any other status protected by applicable federal and state laws. Applicants who
require accommodations to complete the application or interview process, please contact the Human Resources
Office at (408) 852-2823 for assistance.

*Please mention you saw this ad on AcademicJobs.*

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